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We are so glad you stopped by for a visit to learn about the benefits of mobile grooming for your pet and for you. There are so many factors that go into getting your pet to the groomer. We have created a positive experience for pet’s and their owners too. So take the time to learn how our mobile grooming services work today. Now that you’ve learned how we can work for you, do nothing more, we’ll take it from here!

The Pet’s Experience

We hear so often, “My pet has a lot of anxiety.” It is a stressful event to get in the car and end up where it feels like the vet’s office. In your pet’s mind, they’re thinking, “Oh no, what’s going to happen to me? I only have negative memories of arriving at a building with other dogs crying!” Once that fear is there then your pet sits with it for hours, even if they had the best grooming experience. Nobody wants that.

When we arrive at your door, you will hand the pet to the groomer and the positive grooming experience begins! On a recurring schedule, your pet will have their very own groomer each time. They build a relationship together through positive reinforcement from a caring groomer. Your pet gets our complete groom service in a customized pet salon on wheels. Our trailers are built to accommodate a climate- controlled environment with ease of getting in and out as well. It’s been about an hour and your pet is back home with a treat and a report card! The excited, wagging tail will tell their side of the story.

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The Human’s Experience

 So we touched on your pet’s anxiety, now let’s talk about ours, as pet parents. We think for weeks, “I must get Fifi to the groomer, she’s a mess right now.” Then of course, we feel guilty because we let it go a bit further then planned between her grooms. Finally you make an appointment and the day has come to take her to the pet groomer. This can be a whole day’s event! I must pack her into the car, drop her off, witness her fear as I leave, then plan on picking her up hours later, drive home, clean my hairy car….exhausting!

Instead, the mobile groomer with Vanity Fur shows up at a scheduled appointment. I handed Fifi over to the only person that will handle my pet and explained my pet’s needs. In the meantime I am free to continue whatever I was doing at home. My doorbell rings and I think, “Wow, that was fast!”. Fifi is back. She’s bouncing around with her groomer, that’s a first. I get a report card about how she did and she got a treat. She looks and smells fantastic. This is the way to go, I’ll tell all of my friends!

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