Grooming Services

Grooming ServicesTo Make Your Tail Wag

Our services are by appointment only, please book at least a week in advance! We strongly encourage a recurring set schedule for your pets. For example, if you’d prefer to have your pet groomed on a 4 week schedule and you are available Tuesdays and Wednesdays then we book your dog for the year every 4 weeks on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You will receive reminders from us via e-mail and/or text before where you may confirm. You won’t need to worry about calling the groomer again!

Gift Certificates available!

Dog Service

  • Environmentally Friendly Shampoos: Specific to Each Client’s Coat & Skin Needs
  • Warm Water Hydro-bath & Massage
  • Tearless Berry Facial
  • Anal Gland Expression (Dogs 30 lbs. & Under)
  • Ears: Hair Removal and Cleansing
  • Full Blow Dry & Brush Out
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Pawdicure: Nails Trimmed, Filed, & Pads Trimmed
  • Personality Bows or Bandanna
  • Pet Cologne Spritz
  • Report Card & Social Media Picture to Share For New Clients!

Cat Service

  • Cat-Safe Shampoo or Waterless Shampoo
  • Waterless Shampoo Face Wash
  • Warm Water Hydro-bath & Massage
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Full Blow Dry & Brush Out (For Cats Who Like It)
  • Nails Trimming
  • Personality Bandanna & Cat Toy
  • Report Card & Social Media Picture to Share For New Clients!

XtraSmall Breed

Bath/De-Shed $40-55 Haircut $65-75
Breeds Under 10-Lbs
Bath: 20-30 minutes
Haircut: 45-65 minutes

Small Breed (11-20 lbs.)

Bath/De-Shed $55-65 Haircut $75-90
Breeds 11-20 Lbs
Bath: 40-60 minutes
Haircut: 60-90 minutes

Medium Breed

Bath/De-Shed $45-65 Haircut $90-115
Breeds 21-45 Lbs
Bath: 45-65 minutes
Haircut: 60-110 minutes

Large Breed

Bath/De-Shed $70-85 Haircut $90-125
Breeds 46-80 Lbs
Bath: 50-90 minutes
Haircut: 80-120 minutes

XtraLarge Breed

Bath/De-Shed $80-100 Haircut $95-225
Breeds 81Lbs & Up
Bath: 60-90 Minutes
Haircut: 90-180 Minutes Max


Bath $80-95
Haircut $95-130
All Cats
Bath: 70 minutes or less
Haircut: 80 minutes or less