About Vanity Fur

Providing the safest and most comfortable groom at your home or office.

It's not just a "tagline" - it's our philosophy.

Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Salons is dedicated to your pet's safety & comfort. Our state-of-the-art mobile salons have all the amenities of a grooming shop and are specifically equipped to accommodate extra-large breeds and senior dogs. Once our groomer arrives, your pet’s specific needs will be discussed. Once your pet steps in the salon, our groomer will take a few minutes to get familiar with and help your pet relax.

Vanity Fur's mobile groomer puts your pet's safety and comfort first. Always.

A Complete Pet Salon On Wheels

We customize our mobile units to ensure a comfortable grooming experience for all breeds & sizes! Our units are climate controlled with air conditioners, heating, warm dryers for cold mornings, and cool dryers for hot days.  We have a warm, freshwater bathing system to get your pet's skin & coat thoroughly clean. Our mobile vans are powered by the Sun and batteries. Your pup gets the full salon experience right at home. Every time.