Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Answer Some Of The Questions You May Have!

We wish we could accept all calls as they come in. However, each groomer is either driving, bathing, blow-drying, haircutting, or talking to the client. So please understand that we are just literally hands on all during the day. Texting and emailing will get a quicker response. If you need answers to questions not answered on this website then please wait up to 48 hours for us to return your call.
We ask that you give us at least 48 hours advance notice for cancellations or reschedules. We charge a $20 per pet fee for notices to cancel or reschedule in less that 48 hours prior to the appointment. We must charge 100% of the grooming price for “no-shows” or day of appointment cancellations. A reschedule is a cancellation.
Each groomer accepts Check, Cash, Visa, or MasterCard. There is a transaction fee for any credit card charge. You will make a check payable to your groomer’s first and last name.
Yes. Your groomer will text or e-mail you regarding your next upcoming appointment date and time frame. As that appointment approaches you will receive an e-mail a week before. If you do not confirm or cancel at that email then an automated text/call will come 2 days prior to the appointment.
Yes, we are accepting new clients. It typically takes new clients a couple of weeks for the first appointment. Our clients have continuous recurring schedules. This means that we set up a client’s schedule based on a 2, 4, 6, or 8 week schedule. Then we base that schedule on our route’s map. Once we establish you as a client we can set up your recurring schedule also, making it automated for you.
The mobile environment is a great remedy in calming the anxious pet. It doesn’t remove the anxiety but it does alleviate it. Anxiety begins once the pet leaves the home and progressively builds. Our groomers work around each pet’s particular anxiety to make it the most comfortable experience. The groomer will take more time initially to perform the groom in order to go slow with your pet and give them positive reinforcement by voice, patting the dog’s chest, and finally treats. Your pet and his groomer are alone so there are no distractions to heighten anxiety. The groomer’s focus is 100% on your pet. It usually takes a few times for your dog to learn that grooming isn’t scary anymore. Once they’ve learned to trust some dogs run to the groomers and their trailer, however, some will always shake and show some signs of stress. Having your dog on a regular and consistent schedule is key in lessening your dog’s anxiety levels.
It is natural to want to “babytalk” our pet’s when we sense that they are afraid. However, having a firm voice telling them they are ok is best. Dogs can sense when a family member has fear for them. Remember that anxiety feeds anxiety. When your groomer rings the doorbell pick your dog up or have them ready on a leash before answering your door. Discuss grooming needs briefly and allow the groomer to take your dog to the trailer while you close your front door and allow them to go. If you remain present, your dog will want to stay with you and resist going with the groomer and this is where anxiety begins to grow. It’s not always easy for you, but it’s easier for them!
This is rare, first of all. It is however, more common with cat grooms and senior pets. First, for dogs, we receive many that have been “rejected” from the grooming shops. Our environment is less stressful because it is quiet. Although that helps most dogs with anxiety behaviors to endure the complete groom, it isn’t for every dog. We may need to tailor fit the groom to your particular dog’s needs. For example, if doing a part of the groom that is putting your dog into a panic we will pass that particular portion of the groom. If nails, the blow dry, cleaning of the ears, anal expression, scissoring near the face or any other detail of the groom that is terrifying to your pet, we will skip that part of it. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that the one thing you really wanted complete didn’t get finished. It is unfortunate, but necessary, so we do not injure your pet and your pet does not injure us. If this is your dog’s first time in our environment and he has a past of hating to have his nails trimmed for example, we will try it over again for the next few grooms. Many dogs that are on a regular grooming schedule do eventually learn that part of the groom but not always. Our goal is the safest and most comfortable groom experience.
Many cats are of course a bit more volatile for a groom for obvious reasons. We have specific procedures for the cat groom experience, and it’s based around getting them done quickly and efficiently. First and most important, your groomer will call within 5-10 minutes of arriving at your door so that you can put your cat into his cat carrier. We ask that you contain your cat in a small area of the home if you do not have a carrier. The longer he is sitting in that carrier the higher his anxiety rises. We only need the carrier to transport to and from the trailer He does not stay in the carrier. Some clients want to carry their cat to the trailer. We strongly discourage this because if a loud sounds like a motorcyle or a dog barking etc happens, your cat may jump and run into traffic. WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR A CLIENT CHOOSING TO NOT USE A CARRIER FOR TRANSIT. Once we get kitty inside of the trailer we begin. We have an assistant helping our groomers for cats that we have not yet done and don’t know the behavior yet. The assistant helps the groomer with holding and comforting your kitty so he has the best possible experience. If we are doing a haircut, we begin on the underbelly. If your cat will not endure a complete haircut we will know quickly and if we must end the groom and at least it won’t be noticeable and silly looking. Sometimes cats get serious mats on the back, in which case we begin on the mats first and sometimes that is all that can be achieved. Cat’s that do get completed may feel slightly damp to the touch even if they allowed the blowdry. This is common since their coats are so dense and our groom time is only 1 hour.
Absolutely. Our trailers our customized for the largest senior breed. These are the dogs that need mobile the most! We have ramps so your dog won’t have to walk up steps. We then help them onto our electric tables that lowers to their level and we roll over to our corner style custom tubs. These tubs make it easy for your dog to turn around with ease during the bath. Your pet will not need to do any work, leave it to us.
Our trailers are completely self contained with fresh water. We have hot and cold water temperatures. We also have heat and air conditioner. We do ask permission to use easily accessible outlets when the weather is nice. It is more quiet than running our powerful generators. It also helps us prolong the life of our generators, since we use them so much. However, if our generator is in need of a repair, we may require the use of your outlet to complete our job until we can get our trailer in for necessary repairs. In this case we do appreciate the use of your electricity. Some older homes cannot support the electric needs for the home and our trailer at the same time. In these cases we may need to reschedule your appointment if your groomer’s generator isn’t running on that day.
Please always give us a 48 hour notice if you must cancel or reschedule. This allows us an opportunity to fill your appointment in your city. You will receive an email reminder 48 hours before your appointment where you may confirm or cancel. If you cancel there, your groomer will contact you the same day of the cancellation to discuss rescheduling your appointment. If your pet is on a 4 week or less recurring schedule, more than likely we will not have an available opening to fit you in before your next natural appointment. So your appointment will default to the following appointment unless there is an opening.
Absolutely! We actually encourage this because it creates so much flexibility with your appointments. So many people work during our hours of operation and that leaves everyone to request the weekend. The weekend appointments are typically booked out several months in advance. We will always need the owner to be there for our first meet & greet. Once you feel comfortable allowing your groomer to retrieve your dogs from your yard/garage then we will set them up as a “backyard dog” allowing your appointment to fluctuate in time. We ensure your gate/doors are secure after returning your dogs! Discuss payment with your groomer, you have the option of credit card on file or leaving a check/cash in a discreet location.
So many factors can arise for our groomers throughout their day. They may need a minor repair for the trailer, air for a tire, have a dog that requires more of their time, traffic, etc. So if your appointment is set for example 9-9:30 a.m. we ask that you be at your home at 9:00am which is your appointment time. We will be there before 9:30 a.m. so please wait the entire 30 minutes for our arrival. Your groomer will call/text if they are running late beyond the 30 minute marker. However, if they are aware earlier in the day that they may be late for your appointment they will let you know as soon as they believe their schedule has fallen behind. Your groomer will also call/text to ask if they may arrive earlier than the scheduled appointment. Sometimes this can happen. If you are able to be there earlier then great, if not we will see you at the original time no problem.
Tips is an acronym that mean To Insure Proper Service. If you feel your groomer gave a great service then by all means gratuities are accepted and appreciated. Tipping between 15-25% is typical. Each groomer keeps 100% of their tips.
Yes. We work rain or shine, so please contact us if you do not want service because it may rain the day of your appointment.
Yes. We offer small treats for reward and reinforcement of good behavior. We use 100% freeze-dried beef or chicken liver. It only has the 1 ingredient. PLEASE TELL YOUR GROOMER IF OUR TREATS ARE OFF LIMITS FOR YOUR PET.
It is very normal for a dog to scratch up to a couple of days after a groom. It can be for a few reasons. First, anal expression, loosens the glands after expression causing an itching sensation. Haircuts cause tiny particle hairs to sometimes lodge in skin causing irritation, brush dog to help remove more of the loose hairs. If your dog was nicked in any way, that can be a source of the need to scratch or lick. The shampoo was new to your dog causing the skin to feel dryer than normal, again brushing your dog will restore the skin’s oils assisting with your pet’s relief. These irritants are common and the itching is typical for up to a couple of days after the grooms.
It is less common for your pet to be nicked in a mobile setting since we take our time with each pet. However, since they are pets and they can move unexpectedly it can happen. If a nick does occur, your groomer will inform you upon returning your pet. This should not happen often
This definitely happens. You may be used to a type of haircut your old groomer gave your pet or you may have seen a photo of another dog and wanted it to look like that. We ask that you give your groomer a few grooms and lots of communication so that she can work toward achieving your goal. Please understand that at times we may not be able to achieve certain breed clips due to the texture of your pet’s hair being different from a photo.
We clean your dog’s ears with a pet ear solution. We do this after the bath because it acts like a “swimmer’s ear” solution would for us after being in the water. If any water did enter the ear canal your dog will naturally shake and the ear solution will assist in evaporating any further moisture. However, we always suggest that you have your own pet ear solution on hand so that you continue to clean ears for a couple of days after the groom. This is especially helpful for ears that do not stand upright.