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Position title
Pet Groomer

We are a growing mobile pet grooming company based out of Eastvale, CA and servicing surrounding cities. Enjoy working in the outdoors in our comfortable mobiles and connecting one on one with our friendly clientele. Enjoy working with pets that display much less anxiety in the mobile atmosphere. Get out of the walls of the shop and make your move to mobile grooming. Work with independence!

Our Company

We pride ourselves on the positive reputation of our company. We have a very supportive team of groomers to lean on. This is a great company to begin or continue your pet grooming career with and forge new relationships. We have been in business since 2010 and are estimating continuous growth with the best people in place.


We provide the mobiles and teach you how to drive them! We provide equipment, and clientele (LOCATED NEAR EASTVALE CA). You provide a positive attitude, experienced pet grooming skills, patience in grooming, enthusiasm for pets, professionalism, strong customer service skills and work ethic. MUST HAVE MINIMUM OF I YEAR HANDS ON GROOMING EXPERIENCE with dogs of all sizes and breeds. Cat groomers are a plus. You must be absolutely reliable, our clients depend on you!

Although rewarding, remember that pet grooming IS HARD WORK, days are typically 8-9 hours 5 days a week for Full time work.

Our schedules have flexibility. You will have one weekend day off each week and always know what your schedule will be in advance.  We are looking for someone that wants a FT career with us not just a "job". This position is 40-50 hours per week.

You receive 100% team support and you are never “alone”. We have a team of groomers, management, repair & maintenance assistance and our dispatcher to answer questions anytime of the day when needed.

  • Passion for pets
  • Minimum 1 year hands on dog grooming experience
  • Cat grooming is a plus
  • Positive attitude
  • Patience in grooming
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Team oriented
Job Benefits
  • Flexible schedules-need a day off, take the day off.
  • Holidays off
  • Always know your schedule far in advance
  • Regular daylight business hours only
  • Freedom of working independently
Job Location
Inland Empire, CA
Base Salary
$180-$225 Per day
Beginning of employment
Begin 10 day training program immediately
Pet Grooming
Working Hours
9 am - 530 pm
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Position: Pet Groomer

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